The World of Bastian

The San Sebastian beach in Barcelona got its name in the early 20th century, inspired by la Concha beach in San Sebastian, which had become a social hotspot thanks to sea baths that attracted royalty, aristocrats, artists, and tourists seeking new forms of leisure.

Bastian was born on a Mediterranean evening when the sun and the moon shared a fleeting and magical moment. He was soon drawn to the fun and luxury that characterized the San Sebastian beach. With his charisma, his wild red hair, extravagance, and boundless joy, he embodied beauty, passion, and freedom.

Decades later, a new world arrived, a world enslaved by order and monotony. Times grew dark and bleak, and Bastian, to avoid being captured, was forced to escape to the only place where freedom still reigned: the Mediterranean Sea.

Many believed the sea would be his prison, but the vast blue became his realm of liberation. In the waves, he discovered the rhythm of life. In the depths, his hair blossomed into vibrant corals. Under the sun, his skin turned golden. Bastian and his friends danced day and night without end.

Using his coral hair, he emerged from the ocean and has returned to the San Sebastian beach, thirsty for love and friendship. Here, amidst the shimmer of the sea and the exquisite beauty of the place, he finds a haven of sophistication and glamour. He transforms everything he touches into a party. He has returned to stay.

Therefore, in his name and as a nod to the city of Barcelona and the Mediterranean Sea, Costa Este names its new and iconic space Bastian Beach, offering a new destination for gathering and recreation with an exclusive gastronomic offer. A beach club to enjoy year-round and remember the blessing of feeling and loving.

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