Food menu Restaurant

Cold, fresh and raw

Gillardeau no. 2 oysters
au naturel (per piece) 6€
Gillardeau no. 2 oysters
with tiger’s milk (per piece) 7€
Cantabrian anchovies (per piece) 5€
Olivier salad with Palamós red shrimp 22€
Red tuna ceviche 28€
Lobster ‘salpicón’ 27€
Smoked salmon with blinis 25€
Andalusian gazpacho 14€
Salt-cured foie micuit with fig marmalade 26€
Acorn-fed Iberian ham (100gr) 30€
Beef carpaccio
with parmesan and arugula 23€

Hot and crispy

Rustic bread with tomato 5€
Iberian ham croquettes (5 pieces) 15€
Crispy whitebait with fried egg 25€
Andalusian-style fried squid with lime mayonnaise 24€
Andalusian-style fried lobster
(serves 2 people) 120€/kg

A little glamour

Gillardeau no. 2 oysters
with 5g of caviar (per piece) 24€
Mini brioche with 5g of caviar 21€
Smoked salmon sandwich
with 15g of caviar 70€
Rigatoni topped with
30g of caviar 105€
Pizza with smoked salmon
and 30g of caviar 95€
Beluga Caviar
“Caspian Pearl” 30g 190€

Ocean delights

King crab with
vodka mayonnaise 28€/100gr
Palamós red shrimp 29€/100gr
Grilled scarlet prawn 21€/100gr
Grilled langoustines 26€/100gr
Sautéed wedge shells
in Chardonnay sauce 12€/100gr
Fine clams in Manzanilla
sherry sauce 23€/100gr
Steamed cockles in their shell
with lemon sauce 14€/100gr

Fresh harvest plates

Tomato tartare with burrata 18€
Caesar salad with crispy chicken 19€
Galia melon with Iberian ham 22€
Greens, avocado, mango and prawns 23€
Seasonal tomatoes with tuna ventresca 21€

Delta rices

Minimum 2 people

Palamós red shrimp paella 42€ p.p.
Peeled shellfish and monkfish paella 26€ p.p.
Lobster paella 45€ p.p.
Black rice with cuttlefish and clams 28€ p.p.
Free-range chicken, butifarra sausage
and Iberian pork paella 24€ p.p.

From the golden wheat fields

Spaghetti frutti di mare 28€
Bolognese rigatoni 26€
Burrata and Iberian ham pizza 27€
Truffled four cheese pizza 24€

Land delicacies

Grilled chicken 24€
Roasted lamb shoulder 31€
Steak tartar 30€
Rib-eye tagliata 30€
Galician beef sirloin 32€
Black Angus t-bone steak 90€/kg

Fresh from the sea

Black cod with orange miso 45€
Grilled octopus 27€
Monkfish in citrus sauce 30€
Sole meunière 46€
Salt-crusted sea bass 120€/kg
Catch of the day 120€/kg

The perfect sides

Basmati rice 4€
French fries with Padrón peppers 4€
Roasted piquillo peppers 4€
Seasonal tomatoes 5€
Sautéed vegetables 5€
Potato parmentier 5€
Grilled avocado 6€
Charcoal-grilled green asparagus 6€
Lettuce hearts in vinaigrette 6€


Chocolate coulant 12€
Cheesecake 12€
Fine apple pie 12€
Lemon pie 12€
Roasted pineapple
with coconut ice cream 12€
Mango textures 12€
French toast with vanilla ice cream 12€
Flan with cream 12€
Strawberries with pepper 12€
Cookie XL with vanilla ice cream 12€
Big vanilla ice cream
with toppings (serves 4 people) 40€
Tiramisú 12€
Happy birthday 55€
Ice creams 12€

Fruit plate 15€
Fruit platter 25€
Big fruit boat 45€


Night Sessions